Paul L’s Cave Family

  • The Thoughtful Cave Dad :: For more information about me, see my about page. The short story is that I’m an early 40s computer geek with a penchant for obsessing over technical data.
  • The Tooz :: Often referred to by her childhood nickname, this is The CaveWife, or CaveMommy. We’re College sweethearts, have been married for a really long time, and have two CaveKids.
  • Sudsy McDoo :: Or CaveKid #1. She is a zany, crazy kid with a penchant for anything arts’n’crafts related, a voracious reader of anything animal or Percy Jackson related, and, in her own words, “Made of Awesomeness!”
  • The Chooka :: Or, CaveKid #2. Is a cuddly, reserved, thoughtful, and incredibly observant kid with a penchant for finding that which you’ve misplaced. She’s just as voracious in her reading as her older sister especially when it comes to stories about animals such as The Wolves of the Beyond series.
  • The Chickens :: There are 5, 4, 3, 12 of them.  They are, well, chickens. Possibly the funniest, and dumbest, creatures I’ve ever experienced. They have brought new meaning to the phrase “Going out for breakfast” for us, which is how we refer to our morning egg-retrieval ritual.