Paul A.

Hey Gang! My name is Paul too and I’m also just a guy with another lovely family. My passions are fairly well aligned with the Thoughtful Cave Dad’s but I’ll add one more specific; cooking! Not just cooking but the real culinary side of the house but with simple easy approaches. So meet the Culinary Cave Dad! We too are a Paleo/Primal diet based family. Sure we run off reservation from time to time but those times are treats. We have come to love living in this culinary world and I will share those musings and journeys with you along with some really awesome recipes that you can do at home. You’ll find that my love of cooking is playful and I hope some of that rubs off on you. My journey to health was not as uneventful as the Thoughtful Cave Dad’s and you can read more about that in my blog post called “Why Me?”<- link->. Suffice to say, I learned the hard way that food is our best medicine or our worst poison; just depends on which you choose. So I hope you enjoy what you see and in the immortal words of Julia Child – Bon Appétit!