Cashew Beef (in 25 minutes)

1 lb skirt steak (flank steak works too) a little frozen, thinly sliced 1/8” thick x 1” long 2 cups broccoli, cut bite sized 2 cups cauliflower, cut bite sized 1 yellow or red onion, sliced 1 large carrot, diced

3 Tbs coconut aminos (can use Tamari (gluten free soy) if not watching out […]

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Chili Oil

Fall is squash season and this great savory and spicy soup will warm you on those blustery days. If it is too thick, add some more broth to get to the desired consistency. The toasted seeds add a perfect crunch for a great balance of tastes and textures. Enjoy!



1 3-4 lb […]

Tandoori Fritters with Sriracha Aioli!

There’s lots of fritter type recipes out there and this one is an amalgam of many. It’s a little spicier and a little more bold but basically a paleo fritter is meat (usually pre-cooked), finely shredded with one or more veggies finely chopped and some eggs to bind. Once you have the basic technique […]

Paleo Soup – Just Wanna Be Egg Roll Soup

Welcome to The Cave

Back in January, Culinary Cave Dad and I opened up a group on Facebook, 30 Days in The Cave, the purpose of which is to support people doing 30 Day Paleo Challenges. Since Paleo is really a very specific name for a template which includes many different and customized ways of […]

Hollandaise and Crab Hollandaise Variation

I love this velvety sauce and was trying to come up with a dairy free version for our Whole30 challenge. This works beautifully and quite frankly, I like it better than the dairy version. This versatile sauce can be served over any kind of veggie but Brussels sprouts, broccoli and asparagus are our […]

32 Ground Beef Recipes (mostly Paleo)

My normal Saturday morning ritual is to hit the gym at 7:00am for an hour or so of Olympic lifting. After that I head over to a nearby farm where I get most of my produce (even in these harsh New England winters Jaimie over at Springdell Farms manages to have something delicious for me). […]

Culinary Cave Dad’s Award Winning Potato Chip Chili

Inspirations – Emeril Lagasse, Montgomery Inn and yes, Betty Crocker!

Betty was the first chili recipe I made and included the cocoa which is just amazing in chili and also clued me into the fact that the unexpected often yields great flavor. When I decide to go off the paleo path I will also […]

HOT Paleo Jambalaya!

I LOVE me some HOT Paleo Jambalaya! It’s a great satisfying bowl of fiery hot goodness (at least in this house – you can feel free to tone it down). This one doesn’t need a roux to start and we use a cauli-rice to give that traditional look to the dish. Sorry I […]

Cranberry Meatballs and Cranberry BBQ Sauce

I’ve become fascinated with the humble cranberry ever since my partner in crime, the Thoughtful Cave Dad suggested roasting them with squash. I’ve roasted with Brussels sprouts and bacon, cauliflower and other veggies as well as squash – fantastic flavor. This dish came to me while I was thinking about what to take to a […]

Culinary Cave Dad’s Turkey Brine

I LOVE turkey absolutely love it so you can bet it will be on our table Thursday. I brined our turkey several years back and now I rarely make it any other way (in fact, Cavemom won’t let me mess with the recipe on THE Turkey day). So in honor of the upcoming holiday, […]