Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday! No, not that birthday, it’s my Paleo (or Pauleo™) birthday and I’m two! I’ve got this walking thing down! In all seriousness, two years ago today I completed a Whole30 which changed my life. Little did I realize when I went down this path that it would become one that I […]

Happy Paleoversary to me!

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I love this Tolkein quote. It seems rather apropos of my journey to improve myself over all and my journey to improve my diet and health. I’ve always had an interest in nutrition it seems, I just didn’t realize it. […]

285 Days Makes a Habit

Was just ruminating (I do that from time to time) about the journey my life has taken this year. It was 285 days or 24,624,000 seconds ago that I started Day 1 of a Whole30 challenge. The challenge was my own but it was spurred on by diagnosis of painful arthritis and […]

Automate Your Life

When we last met, essentially we discussed how to begin living the Paleo lifestyle. Evolving it from a strict engineering process into an art form in “The Art, Science, and Engineering of Lifestyle”. This time we’ll discuss how to automate your life for scalability.

Scalability simply means you want some […]

The Art, Science, and Engineering of Lifestyle

Art, science, and engineering combined to create beauty .

As a software engineer, system & network administrator, and general computer scientist there are a few things I’ve picked up over my career:

Anything with “science” is usually more art than science

Plagiarism is where ALL the experts start

Everything must […]

What is Paleo?

Do people on a Paleo Diet really eat only that which was available to cavemen ?

“Show me a wooly mammoth, and I’ll adopt the Paleo diet!”

These are things I’ve heard from people when discussing my dietary habits. Which, really, is nothing more than a minimally-processed, whole foods approach to […]