Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday! No, not that birthday, it’s my Paleo (or Pauleo™) birthday and I’m two! I’ve got this walking thing down! In all seriousness, two years ago today I completed a Whole30 which changed my life. Little did I realize when I went down this path that it would become one that I […]

“O Captain! My Captain!” – Dealing with depression and anxiety.

With the passing of Robin Williams this week my Facebook feed has been awash with discussion of depression. Some are trying to understand it, others can’t possibly figure out how someone so funny could be so sad. Still others offer their own stories of how they’ve experienced depression and can relate to what Robin was […]

285 Days Makes a Habit

Was just ruminating (I do that from time to time) about the journey my life has taken this year. It was 285 days or 24,624,000 seconds ago that I started Day 1 of a Whole30 challenge. The challenge was my own but it was spurred on by diagnosis of painful arthritis and […]

Why Me?

Why me? That’s the question I asked myself sitting in a specialist’s office this past December. While no life-threatening diagnosis came out of her mouth, a chilling and potentially life-altering one did: degenerative rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Then came her other comment; “You’re really young to have this but we’ll figure out what meds we can […]