Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday! No, not that birthday, it’s my Paleo (or Pauleo™) birthday and I’m two! I’ve got this walking thing down! In all seriousness, two years ago today I completed a Whole30 which changed my life. Little did I realize when I went down this path that it would become one that I […]

Go Pauleo™ *

Watch out! Curves Ahead!


In my spare time, which arguably has been very limited lately (family, work, travel, volunteering, volunteering…) I have been reading about people who have lost their enamor with the Paleo approach/lifestyle. Almost without fail the reason people lose their way is because of their obsessive relationship with the […]

The Travelin’ Paleo Man

Being gluten-free by necessity makes dining out an outright challenge. If you aren’t gluten-free, ask for a gluten-free menu sometime. All those foods that LOOK gluten-free on the menu, really aren’t sadly enough. Thankfully the paleo, gluten-free trends are making it easier for folks like me as most places are increasing their selections but […]

285 Days Makes a Habit

Was just ruminating (I do that from time to time) about the journey my life has taken this year. It was 285 days or 24,624,000 seconds ago that I started Day 1 of a Whole30 challenge. The challenge was my own but it was spurred on by diagnosis of painful arthritis and […]

What is Paleo?

Do people on a Paleo Diet really eat only that which was available to cavemen ?

“Show me a wooly mammoth, and I’ll adopt the Paleo diet!”

These are things I’ve heard from people when discussing my dietary habits. Which, really, is nothing more than a minimally-processed, whole foods approach to […]