The following have paid for promotional consideration

Well, no one is actually paying us for anything here.  We will however, from time to time post links to items for sale at other websites.  And those links may be customized “affiliate” links which earn us money or credit with the respective retailers we link to.  For example:

If you order by clicking on links for products from Tropical Traditions, and have never ordered from them in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and we will receive a discount coupon for referring you.

You can be assured however, that we will never promote an item which we do not believe in, nor is it our goal to turn this into a retail site.  Our goal is and always will be to help you, our readers, followers, friends, and family. But since this takes both time and money, we would greatly appreciate you helping us help you. You can do this by supporting our site and occasionally clicking on links we post and buying the things we recommend.

Additionally, we may from time to time post book reviews as well as product reviews.  There are a ton of books being published in the Paleosphere these days.  If you see a review here, you can be assured that we have read the book thoroughly and truly believe and stand behind whatever we write.  And, in an effort to remain positive, we will seldom post a negative review.  If we feel strongly enough against any particular book, we just won’t bother wasting our time or yours with a negative review.  So, look for positive reviews and be confident that if we recommend it, it deserves recommendation!