Happy Thanksgiving!

We don’t have a fancy Thanksgiving Post. Or some extravagant recipe for this Day of Gratitude. We don’t have any beautiful shots of our birds roasting in the oven. Or all the amazing dishes we’re planning on eating today. We haven’t done a big run-up to “The Big Day” with any of that stuff. We […]

Homemade Applesauce

Or, the easiest possible healthy snack you can make to send to school with your kids!

One of the things I’ve (PaulL, TCD here) become more and more concerned about as I’ve dived into this whole health and nutrition thing is where and how the food we eat is made and processed. Last year CaveKid […]

Get in the kitchen, that’s an order!

My job is very left brain oriented so cooking for me is my right brain outlet. I could spend the day in the kitchen and be happy as a clam. I know that for many, this is not the case and they dread going into the kitchen to make a meal. Over the course of […]


Hi Everyone, and Welcome to The Thoughtful Cave Dad. You can learn more about us on the pages linked to the About menu up above, but for now, please allow me a brief introduction here.

My name is Paul, and I’m joined here by my good friend Paul. No, really, we’re both named Paul. We’re […]