Happy Thanksgiving!

We don’t have a fancy Thanksgiving Post.

Or some extravagant recipe for this Day of Gratitude.

We don’t have any beautiful shots of our birds roasting in the oven.

Or all the amazing dishes we’re planning on eating today.

We haven’t done a big run-up to “The Big Day” with any of that stuff.

We don’t have some great Thanksgiving themed e-Book for sale, or even for free.
And we don’t have some spectacular give-away to promote our site with.

What we do have is Gratitude and Thankfulness for all of YOU!  Our 350+ friends, family, and strangers who have decided to follow us on Facebook, G+, Twitter, and our blog where we occasionally wax poetic and often long-windedly about all things Paleo and Family.  Your presence here is why WE are here!  So THANK YOU for providing us with all the fun Paul A. (The Culinary Cave Dad) and I have had in the almost 3 months since we started this thing!

A special Thanks to those early folks who joined us at the very beginning!  Both my immediate family and my other family at Crossfit Woodshed, especially Lynne and Christine!  Thank you to my friends who came along for the ride, and to all the family and friends of Paul A. who allowed him to drag you into this with us.  Without all of you early adopters we would never have gotten started!

Thank you to Paul A., The Culinary Cave Dad, without you in the kitchen as Head Chef, I’d be recipe-less!  Your friendship and partnership these last few months has made this adventure more fun than I ever expected it could be!  You’ve helped me eliminate my irrational fears and encouraged me every step of the way!  We are truly brothers!

Thank you to my friend Jeff, who trusted me enough to help him start his journey to being healthier and happier.  It’s a long road, and you’ve come a long way in a short time!  Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to share your story !

Thank you to Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites for your friendship, mentoring, trust, and encouragement!  Without all that, The Thoughtful Cave Dad would never have come to be!

Thank you to Bill & Haley, The Food Lovers, for your friendship, support, and never-ending supply of humor and inspiration!  Your cookbook Make it Paleo changed the game of cooking for me and continues to be my favorite, go-to reference when I need a new meal!

Thank you to George, The Civilized Cooking Caveman, for your Service, friendship, support, amazing Banana Bread, and for getting out there and proving that anyone can learn several new skills at the same time as changing careers.  You continue to be an inspiration to me!

Thank you to Orleatha Smith, Mrs. Paleo Eats over at Level Health Nutrition, for your friendship and most amazing smile on the Internet!  You make me smile every time you do! Thank for continuing to help me stumble along in this online world, something you wouldn’t expect a guy surrounded by technology his entire life to need so much of!

Thank you to Liz Wolf, Cave Girl Eats.  You’re constant nagging to “Just start a blog” in your E-mail Monday newsletter is a big part of the reason I finally started!  Thanks also for sharing your homesteading journey with us.  I live vicariously through you with every picture and story about your chickens and goats!

Thank you to Robb Wolf, whose book started it all for me.  Thank you for your generosity and time that you’ve put into this mission over the past 15+ years and leading the way!  Without you, none of us would be here on the road to health!

And most of all, a HUGE Thank You to the CaveWife and CaveKids, without whom I’d be lost.  Thank you for putting up with my obsessiveness about the Paleo Lifestyle, for telling me when I’m getting too obsessive, when I need to lighten up and relax.  Thank you for teaching me so much along the way these past few years!  I love you all so much and can’t imagine life without you!

And with that, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all enjoy a day filled with Family and Food.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy the day!


Paul L. The Thoughtful Cave Dad…

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