Happy Paleoversary to me!

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I love this Tolkein quote. It seems rather apropos of my journey to improve myself over all and my journey to improve my diet and health. I’ve always had an interest in nutrition it seems, I just didn’t realize it. […]

“O Captain! My Captain!” – Dealing with depression and anxiety.

With the passing of Robin Williams this week my Facebook feed has been awash with discussion of depression. Some are trying to understand it, others can’t possibly figure out how someone so funny could be so sad. Still others offer their own stories of how they’ve experienced depression and can relate to what Robin was […]

What does it mean to be a Dad?

Four days in my life changed who I am forever. The day I married my wife, the day my son was born and the day my daughter was born. Being a father is simply amazing. It is however, not for the faint of heart! Wait, that’s only three days! I know, keep […]

Go Pauleo™ *

Watch out! Curves Ahead!


In my spare time, which arguably has been very limited lately (family, work, travel, volunteering, volunteering…) I have been reading about people who have lost their enamor with the Paleo approach/lifestyle. Almost without fail the reason people lose their way is because of their obsessive relationship with the […]

Paleo, Primal, 30 Day Challenges, and Dairy

Photo Credit: macalit via Compfight cc

30 Day Paleo Challenges, 21 Day Sugar Detoxes, and Whole30’s, oh my! T’is the season, I guess. New year, let’s start over, rid ourselves of the 5, 10, or 15 pounds we gained (or think we gained) over the annual 5-week long Holiday Gluttonfest. So, clearly the answer […]